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KB431 - Mixed-mode browser warning appears after adding an image to the dashboard message



The Dashboard Message can be edited, and images can be added using markdown syntax. However, after adding an image, the browser may warn the user about "mixed content" on the page, and/or refuse to load the image. The exact behavior is browser-dependent (make and version).

This is caused by the protocol of the image being HTTP (unsecured), whereas the protocol used by SERAM is HTTPS (secured). Making unsecured requests from a secure application is not recommended because it may lead to information disclosure, e.g. leaking sensitive data such as session cookies.

The browser behavior is by design and cannot be affected by SERAM.

Possible Workarounds

  • The image has to be served over HTTPS as well, so that no HTTP URL is used.
  • The image is embedded into the dashboard message.
    To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Edit the dashboard message
    2. Find the http:// address of the image
    3. Use a converter such as to generate the data: URI from the image file and copy the result to the clipboard as base64 data
    4. Replace the complete existing http:// address with the clipboard data (a very long text of mostly text characters - do not manually edit this text block)
    5. Verify that the preview displays the image as expected
    6. Save the new message


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